Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Major Persuasion Paper Rough Draft

I emailed it to everyone. Check your inboxes.

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  1. The audience is defined in your brochure, though it could use some more fine-tuning. As we discussed in class, this is a "Mean" case where the audience of this proposal may not care about fair trade or having it promoted on their networks. You have to convince them of this, and to do so give them the straight facts and logistics. How would they logistically represent fair trade? Would the chefs on television cooking show say it directly? Is there a statement at the end of the program? I'm imagining that an executive wants to know how it will affect their network immediately.
    Additionally, in large part you are already appealing to a larger audience via these executives. Explain WHY people want to see fair trade certified products on their favorite cooking shows. Why would the network have interest in promoting it other than the aspect of human right violations.