Thursday, March 5, 2009

PETA: Imagery

In the case of PETA, I feel like they have the right and the responsibility to show the "real world" of animal cruelty. Not only is it strong support for their cause, but people have the right to know what happens especially within international brands and eateries.

Personally, I cannot watch much of any of the movies on their website. Its a harsh reality that bothers me enormously. But knowing that, I should watch more, but choose not to for my own sanity.

People like me know the lengths that PETA goes to demonstrate their point. It is clear and effective and at times hard to watch. Knowing that, individuals who wish not to see it should just choose not to go to their site.

PETA has the right to show reality and the truth behind animal cruelty. It is socially responsible, just, and worth of our applause. They are uncovering problems with our society's treatment of living creatures. It is somewhat extreme, but I believe necessary to get peoples' attention and education the public of the magnitude of our own actions.

Although I have always wondered where the group gets its footage from...

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