Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grant Writing: Idea and What to Do

In the same arena of torture and interrogation, I would want to focus on human rights and the the public perception of foreigners, especially people who may look like the suspects in recent terrorist attacks. Once the public an associate and accept people who may look like the perceived "bad" guys, people will grow to be more understanding toward those communities. I would propose to have public lectures about Islam and events to share Middle Eastern culture. I think it would be especially beneficial to target a younger audience and have events at some of the local elementary-high schools. When students and others can appreciate and befriend people like this, the public's tolerance and compassion can grow. Potentially in the future, there would be no distinction based on religion or appearance. If kids learn when they are young, torture and inhumane interrogation techniques may no longer be an issue for America. I also believe that with efforts like this, the image of responsible and accepting Americans will grow out of it.

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