Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grant Writing: Letter of Intent

The Human Rights Initiative is a Seattle organization that addresses issues of human rights and promotes racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. We are located in the Greenlake neighborhood in Seattle, Washington and serve citizens of King County. The organization was established shortly after September 11th in response to racial profiling and hate crimes.

The Human Rights Initiative hopes to have a community event where local children and citizens can learn about other cultures and meet refugees and people from various backgrounds. The costs involved would include materials for kids' interactive activities, the rental of a location to host the event, and transportation and other associated reimbursements for volunteer performers. We are hoping to host the event in a central location such as downtown or Key Arena, which would be accessible to a greater number of local residents.

To the Human Rights Initiative and American citizens in general, there is a substantial need for acceptance and cultural awareness education, especially among young adults and children. As a result of September 11th and fears that followed, certain communities, especially Middle Easterners, have been ostracized and misrepresented by the media. We hope to counteract the negativity and work to...

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